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A Tree as a Lesson

As I was walking down the street the other day, I walked past an alleyway that caught my eye. Smack dab in the middle of the alley was a super tall tree.

I had never seen anything like this before and it made me think, I know there’s a lesson to be learned here, so how can that relate to life? One of the striking things about this tree is that it stands at least 4 stories tall and is beautiful. So clearly someone had to make the decision about whether to chop down that tree or figure out a way to keep it even though it would block the passage.

Another striking thing about this tree is just that. Its position puts it in a perfect place to be struck by a car. The solution chosen is straightforward, a few reflectors on it and the simple assumption that a tree this size would be hard to miss seeing.

How many times have you encountered something in your life that was seemingly an obstacle? How many times have you had trouble removing something from your life that you enjoy? Perhaps you like to play golf, but your knees hurt when you do. Perhaps you want to eat out, but your digestive system is too sensitive. Perhaps you want to play with your kids, but you’re too tired.

Just because an activity is a challenge to you now doesn’t mean you necessarily have to remove it from your life. Are there simple changes that you could make that would allow you to keep those aspects of your life? Look to the basics first. Are you sleeping long enough and deeply enough? Are you getting regular exercise in some form? Are you eating healthy? Are you finding the fun in your life?

If you are still stuck, consider getting help. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the whole you and provides your body with the tools to heal itself.

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