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Delicious Healthy Spread

I just got a Vitamix. Thank you Airmiles! 🙂 As a result, in just one day I made a variation on this recipe, guacamole, salsa, and black bean burgers. And, of course, a kale-based smoothie. The good news is that I’ve made this recipe once before, in my pre-Vitamix life, and it worked just fine. I used my Nutribullet, but a food processor would have been a better choice, as I almost broke it.

This recipe is from the most recent issue of Alive magazine. I’ve added my variations in brackets.


Healthy Workplace

24 Hours health vancouverOk, so it’s now November and this posting comes a bit late, but the original was posted in 24 Hours in October. And a healthy workplace is important year-round, not just during Healthy Workplace month…

In Canada, October marks the arrival of colourful leaves, Halloween, and even the dubious appearance of Christmas decor on store shelves. But it is also Healthy Workplace month. Click here for the continuation of my article in 24 Hours newspaper.


Brain Food

24 Hours health vancouver

Whether studying for mid-terms, going to work, or winding down for the day, your brain is necessary for everything you do.

At work 24/7, the brain is a glutton for energy. Though it makes up only about 2% of total body weight, it consumes 20% of our resting metabolic rate — the total amount of energy expended with no activity.

The right foods can help feed your brain. Click here for the continuation of my article in 24 Hours newspaper.


Health through Vancouver’s cold, damp

24 Hours health vancouverMy November 7th article about staying healthy through Vancouver’s fall and winter months:

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have two distinct seasons — wet and dry. Though the cold and wet weather seems to entice us to cocoon indoors, become less physically active, and crave rich and heavy comfort foods, it is possible to adjust to the season with healthy habits. For more,click here for my article in 24 Hours Newsletter.


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