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Detox tea taste test

Detox tea taste test. Say that ten times fast!

That’s what I’m hosting tomorrow, Saturday April 23 rd from 10-3 at my clinic. Tea is one of my favourite things. Chocolate another, but who doesn’t love chocolate?! I often hear people talk very specifically about their preference in types of wine, coffee, and beer. Wine tasting parties are popular and one of my patients hosts beer tasting parties. But I’ve never heard of a tea tasting party.

So, I’m starting a new thing. No, you’re not all invited to my house for a tea tasting party–that’s for my friends. But, I would love to see you at my clinic tomorrow if you’re nearby! While I see patients, my receptionist Jenni will be serving 5 different tastes of detoxification teas, specially made by Davina at Taste Tea Cup.

The detox tea you help me choose will be a part of the Spring Detox Plan that my good friend and master chef Luisa Rios will be running in May. I will post more about that soon, but feel free to contact me for details.

What can a detox tea do for you?

  • increase your energy
  • contribute to beautiful skin, hair, and nails
  • help you maintain a healthy weight
  • improve your digestion
  • balance your hormones
  • elevate and calm your mood
  • focus your mind
  • and more…

Come in before we run out!


Get this book!

I feel honoured to be asked to share this information with you…
Dear Friends,
I am writing to share with you, if you haven’t heard through the sensationalistic media already, that my book, “All That Is Bitter & Sweet,” has been published. It is a watershed moment in my service work as an advocate for vulnerable and disempowered people world wide.  The book is essentially the diaries I have written while visiting 13 countries in the global south, time spent in brothels, slums, hospices, and refugee camps.  Some of you have in fact read those diaries, and are of the many who encouraged me to publish them.
Although I have been extraordinarily taken aback that the focus at present is on my personal story, which is a slim portion of a 400pp book, I am hoping that once it is in readers’ hands, the book will obviously be revealed for what it actually is:  the sacred narratives from around the world with which I have been entrusted, descriptions of the heartening, simple, effective grassroots programs that reach them, and the spiritual process and recovery I have found that support me as I attempt to live peacefully in an often senseless world.
Your support of the book would mean a great deal to me, both through buying it, and using any social media in which you participate to talk about it.  In that way, we might be able to overwhelm the celebrity obsessed distortions, and put the focus back where it belongs:  poverty alleviation, human rights, social justice, and the infinite value of ever person, and the reality that no one is disposable, should die from a mosquito bite, be raped or starve to death.  And, the help and hope that is available to anyone affected by depression, alcoholism, and other forms of dysfunction.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
If you work on your mind with your mind, how  can you avoid immense confusion?

Just under $1750 raised!!!

Thank you to all who helped make my Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Red Cross Fundraiser a success! I would have called it a success at half that dollar value. Thank you to the BNI Foundation who made that number possible by matching donations!

I know that Japan will need so much more to rebuild, but I also know that they have the drive, the skills, the attitude, and the fortitude to do it. Not to mention the creativity. Check out this link.

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