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Another reason to buy organic and wash your fruits and veggies VERY well

Check out this article from Australia about 2 chemicals that are sprayed on many fruits and veggies and nuts. The chemicals are endosulfan, an insecticide, and carbendazim, a fungicide. As far as I can find, they are still allowed for use in Canada and the US, though they have been banned in many other countries because of their risks for cancers, birth defects, neurological damage, hormone disruption, and more. 


Motivating yourself to action

So often we have things that we want to do, but for whatever reason we don’t. Sometimes it’s a matter of not having the time. Sometimes it’s because we don’t WANT do something, even though we know we should or have to do it. Sometimes it’s because we keep forgetting that task.

How do you motivate yourself to do the things that you like to do and want to do and actually do do? Is it a feeling you get? Feeling happy to have done something that makes you do that thing? Maybe you picture the completed task? Is it someone else’s praise that helps you? Is it because you scheduled it in your iPhone, Blackberry, other PDA, or paper calendar? Did you set everything up the night before to make it easy to accomplish the task the next day, like laying out your clothes or writing out your “to do” list? Is it just a regular part of your routine now?

Find the things that make you successful and use those methods to do something difficult today.

I finally finished my March e-newsletter! That’s what motivated me to write this blog. I used a few of these methods to accomplish this task. I had someone remind me to do it. I remembered how good it feels to complete the job. I love checking something off of a “to do” list that I created on my Google homepage. I prepped ideas last night so that I could write it all out today. Now, all I have to do is the same thing in April, just a bit earlier as there are only 30 days in April!


“How I fell in love with a fish”

That’s the title of this video segment. The speaker is a chef. He knows fish. Well, at least how to make it taste yummy. And, how do you get the yummiest fish? By finding healthy fish. Usually healthy fish is not associated with farmed fish. Farmed fish has been recognized as also causing tremendous environmental problems. But, this speaker/chef found a fish that is yummy even when overcooked, that is farmed, and that is good for the environment. Sounds impossible? Listen to this video. He’s entertaining as well.


Must watch!

  • Can your kid identify a radish or cauliflower or eggplant when shown it?
  • The additives put in milk to entice kids to drink more make a carton of milk equal in quantity of sugar to a can of pop. A wheelbarrow of sugar in just 5 years! That’s child abuse!
  • The number one causes of death in America are food-related
  • Kids are expected to live 10 years less than their parents!
These are just a few things that Jamie Oliver covers in his lecture about food.
Watch this!
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