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Even as little as 2 pop per week increases your risk of pancreatic cancer by 87%!

If you thought pop was bad for you only if you guzzle it by the gallon, you may be wrong. As little as 2 soft drinks per week showed an 87% higher diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The study is relatively small with 140 participants, but it was done over 14 years and there was no increase in pancreatic cancer for those who drank juice (even though that too is high in sugar). It is unclear whether the link is causal, i.e. did those people get pancreatic cancer because of the pop? Or are those people just generally making other poor lifestyle and dietary choices, such as too much meat or smoking? Red meat has also been linked to pancreatic cancer, particulary when the meat is burned or charred.
The rates of pancreatic cancer are relatively low, BUT pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer.
This is just one more reason not to drink the garbage that we call pop or soda. Empty calories. Full of health risks.
And, the diet stuff is no better. Aspartame…yum. (sarcasm included)
Oh, and how about this???

The full article on it:
The actual study abstract:

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